Man on the Run

Well hello friends!

Today has been a journey. Let me tell you that. Granted I actually didn’t go anywhere, I ran from God all day today! As night closes in, I look at a day wasted and wonder one word: Why? So here I am, about to crawl into bed, trying to find things to take my mind off of the one I love. But it hurts too much to reconcile. So I find something fill the void. Now be aware, this is in one day. I also see the same thing happening in the long term of my life. I love Christ, but I run like the wind. He’ll catch me, no matter how




or Pathetic I am.

So tonight I feel like a rusty… bicycle. A fickle, rusty bicycle. I can’t decide which path to take. And I run from praying from it.

So major prayer request of the night/week/life: That I may have courage to do what He has destined, Hope for the life in which He has planned, and rest in which I am to live it out in. For His glory! No matter whether I feel Him or not. I know He is there. And here. I know He is inside of me and outside of me. I know this. But I forget.

So those of you who have suffered through this enduring hopelessness of a blog entry, I thank you.

I’m weak.




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